I think the fact that any human being would knowingly watch a comedic-satire and seriously think to themselves "hey lets take this to its logical conclusion in real life" is all the proof in the world that Idiocracy is a great movie. I'm honestly more sick of the comments/posts I see along the lines of "X company is… » 7/29/14 8:44pm 7/29/14 8:44pm

This is great for me since I solely use it as a media device now and game on PC, voice navigation has spoiled me and Id probably buy a used 360/kinect over a new DVD/Streaming media player but any idea how they are going to handle the refund in regards to cost.. should I be on the lookout for a good low-priced 12mo… » 5/16/14 4:13pm 5/16/14 4:13pm

My bank pulls you up by account number not name.. Sometimes I dont even give the person a name for deposit, just rattle off the account number, the account lock and hand them the deposit.. Im used to being just a number at the bank so I feel like its kind of small-town-1950's-americana to bank with your name. He… » 3/27/14 12:57pm 3/27/14 12:57pm

I am all about the Chromecast, I got 3mos of Netflix with mine so it effectively cost like $12.. I had nothing to lose at all. It does everything I could ask from it, and I'll never have to plug my laptop or my gfs laptop into the TV again. We mainly use it for Netflix and control it from laptops, its pretty awesome… » 3/06/14 2:58pm 3/06/14 2:58pm

I love the idea of this but do not think I will be joining, Most things I order from Newegg have free shipping or $3 shipping and I generally get my items the next day even though it shipped 3-day.. 3-4 if it shipped 4-7 day eggsaver. I guess if they start delaying that and Amazon raises the price of Prime I'd have… » 2/06/14 2:22pm 2/06/14 2:22pm

I have been debating on whether to renew at $79 so I would almost definitely not pay any more dollars for it. Netflix, Hulu and YouTube offer enough to watch that I barely use prime video (I do buy movies/seasons on Amazon) and I use the shipping much less now that most stores are price competitive or just match… » 1/31/14 3:48pm 1/31/14 3:48pm

You can use a program called RWeverything to obtain your BIOS stored product keys from windows 8. Run program, Click ACPI then MSDM and the code will be at the bottom. I have done this with Win 8 PRO systems, not sure how non-pro would be. The problem you run into is the "product-key-only-upgrade" media not accepting… » 1/30/14 11:07am 1/30/14 11:07am